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Access Design (Anchors, Davits, Suspended Scaffolding):
Building diagnostics performed building access design and consulting for window washing and exterior maintenance. BDI offers structural engineering services to evaluate the capacity of the building at roof anchor attachment points. We evaluate the layout of the roof anchors relative to industry standards and the building geometry. We specify roof anchor products to meet the requirements of the access equipment.

We perform visual surveys of building systems including fa├žades, curtain walls, and structural framing to document existing conditions, potential failures, and deficiencies. These assessments provide baseline data used to quantify short- and long-term repairs and maintenance required to conserve building systems. These services are often performed as part of the due diligence process during property transfers.

One of the hallmarks of Building Diagnostics is the significant amount of time we spend at project sites monitoring implementation of our remedial designs. While the contract documents may be complete and thorough, it is essential to follow through during construction with designer involvement to achieve satisfactory performance from the implemented work.

We investigate the cause(s) of failure of building components or systems that perform unsatisfactorily, and assist our clients to resolve disputes related to those failures. This service often culminates in expert testimony. Our philosophy is that accurate information and analysis provide the foundation for decision-making.

We perform sampling of metals, concrete, mortar, paint, and masonry for state-of-the-art laboratory testing. We also perform non-destructive and destructive testing to determine as-built conditions and identify failures and deficiencies within building systems. These services can be used to determine the best remedial methods and product choices for repairs. In addition, the destructive and non-destructive testing services are often used in conjunction with our failure investigations.

We review plans and specifications by other designers prior to construction to reduce future building problems by applying our knowledge of failure mechanisms. Our expertise in waterproofing difficult conditions saves our clients both time and money.

We prepare state-of-the-art bidding documents, specifications, and drawings. Often we save our clients the cost of our services through our innovative and cost-effective remedial designs. Our design services range from roof replacement to masonry waterproofing to entire window and wall replacements.

Building Diagnostics provide roof consulting services for replacement of low-slope roof systems. We evaluate the building and owners requirements to determine the most appropriate roof system. We specify the roof materials and prepare drawings and specifications for the roof replacement. We monitor the installation for conformance to the drawings, specifications, and industry standards.

Our professionals evaluate a broad spectrum of data, including material properties, original design, and service history to formulate recommendations for remediation. We employ cutting-edge computer modeling capabilities to assess structural integrity and building envelope performance. In addition, we frequently analyze storm damage and use weather-based models to facilitate insurance investigations.

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