Monthly "Failures" Columns

From January 1994 through August 1997, David Nicastro published the monthly column "Failures" in The Construction Specifier. Single copies of each column may be purchased from

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Too-short masonry shelf angles
[No column this month]
Balcony sub-surface drainage
Stucco cracking
Fractured ceiling suspension connections
Missing precast concrete stirrups
Window perimeter sealant incompatibility
Fallen marble cladding stone
GFRC cladding panel cracking
Aggregate-surfaced cladding panel disintegration
Improper remedial work
[No column this month]
Brick masonry design errors; remedial overcladding
[No column this month]
Shoring tower collapse
Window sill detail errors
Partial roof collapse; steel joist weld failure
Uncoordinated brick masonry veneer and shelf angles
Spontaneous breakage of tempered glass skylights
Improper roof design; remedial replacement
Steel beam overloading
Thermodynamic processes affecting structures
Water staining of granite cladding stones
Sealant reversion
Window gasket leakage; wet-sealing
[No column this month]
Masonry cavity walls; flashing not extended to face of wall
Masonry/plank construction, typical problems
Structural building frame shortening, and masonry distress
Water-based deterioration of precast concrete panels
Loose snap covers on aluminum curtain wall extrusions
Structural sealant glazing
Lock-strip (zipper) gaskets; structural gasket glazing
EIFS; problems with gypsum sheathing
Handrail post deformation; grout expansion
Sloped glazing; laminated glass
[No column this month]
Self-flashing windows
Floating walls; torsion from eccentric loading
Masonry fa├žade failure due to freeze-thaw damage
Improper welding of steel structure
Failure of water main due to new concrete duct
Masonry spalling due to improper field modifications
Hyatt Regency walkway collapse in Kansas City, Missouri

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